A terrible night or evil spirits instead of a husband: mysticism


😉 Greetings to mysticism lovers! “A terrible night or evil spirits instead of a husband” is a short mystical story.

Night guest

This story took place in a small village. Zinaida married Peter. As soon as the young people had time to celebrate the wedding, the war began. The newly minted spouse was called to the front.

Several months later, Peter began to come home at night. He explained this by the fact that their part is located nearby, and he manages to escape to his young wife. Zina was surprised, she tried to find out how he succeeded, but Peter immediately changed the subject.

At dawn, the husband left. Zinaida stopped asking her husband, she was sincerely glad that her husband was visiting her. The main thing is that he is alive and well.

And all would be fine, but only Zina began to dry literally before our eyes. From a young and blooming woman, she turned into an old woman, she became very emaciated, it seemed that her strength was slowly leaving her.

And in a few yards there lived one old woman. Noticing that the young neighbor had given up badly, she approached her on the street and asked what had happened to her.

It should be noted here that the husband strictly forbade his wife to tell anyone about his visits. He said that he would be imprisoned or even shot. But despite this, Zinaida still opened up to Baba Klava. She listened and said:

– It’s not your husband. The devil himself is dragging himself to you. Zinaida did not believe it. Then the old woman said:

– Check it out! When your Peter comes, sit down to supper. As if by chance, drop your fork under the table, bend down behind it and look at his legs! Whatever you see there, don’t you dare give yourself away!

Dinner with evil spirits

The woman did everything as her neighbor ordered: she set the table, made her wife sit down to dinner, dropped her fork, bent over her and looked at her feet, instead of which there were terrible hooves! The unhappy woman barely controlled herself so as not to scream.

Not remembering herself from fear, Zina found the strength to sit with “Peter” until the end of the dinner. And when he tried to caress her, she referred to women’s days and poor health.

As usual, at dawn, barely hearing the roosters, Peter hastily left. Shocked, Zinaida immediately rushed to her neighbor and told her everything. Baba Klava ordered small crosses to be drawn over the door, over all windows, on the stove bolt and wherever it was possible to get into the house. The woman did just that.

Hard rejection

As always, at midnight Peter appeared in the courtyard and began to call his wife. He asked her to go out on the porch, begged, begged. The woman refused, invited him to go into the house, as he always did.

For a long time, the husband begged his wife to go out to him, but she did not give up. The last time he asked Zina: “Will you come out to me?” After a firm and decisive “no!” the house shook. The light turned off.

All night long there was a deafening rumble in the chimney. Every now and then dull, chilling blows came from the walls. Glasses were trembling in the windows! Finally, with the first roosters, everything was quiet. The woman who experienced all this horror did not remember how she survived this terrible and long night.

A terrible night or evil spirits instead of a husband: mysticism

Since that terrible night, the guest has not appeared again. Zina recovered, became young and beautiful again. And when the real husband returned from the war, the woman told him this terrible story. Peter was very surprised, said that their part was located in another city, so he could not come to her in any way.

What would have happened to Zinaida if the wise neighbor hadn’t saved her then, we can only guess …

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