Convenient storage of clothes, shoes and accessories


Convenient storage of clothes, shoes and accessories

How to properly organize the storage of clothes, shoes and accessories so that it is convenient in everyday life? Expert advice on the order to get behind your favorite closet door.

To make the most of the free space in your wardrobe, include two-tiered barbells.

This will allow you to store twice as many items on the hangers, which means less ironing.

From above can hang various blouses, jackets and tops, and below – pants and skirts.

Wooden hangers are not suitable for every item; thin knitwear is best hung on soft hangers to avoid stretching.

The clear plastic containers in the closet are ideal for storing underwear, tights and socks, as well as small accessories such as belts.

In such boxes, all the contents are perfectly visible, and you can easily find the desired item here in a matter of seconds.

It is also convenient to store jewelry in them: select a separate small container for beads, earrings, bracelets, brooches and so on.

They will replace the whole set of boxes that usually collect dust in a room.

To prevent the bags from deforming during storage, hang them on utility hooks on a bar next to outerwear hanging on hangers.

It is best if it is in the hallway. Then you don’t have to waste time before leaving home.

By the way, you can select one of the closet shelves for bags and put them in a row on it. It is also quite comfortable and ergonomic.

Shoes can, of course, continue to be stored in boxes and, if necessary, frantically looked through everything in search of the right pair.

Or you can take the bottom shelf of the closet under the shoes and put all the shoes on it directly under the bar on which your outfits hang.

This will save time on searches, besides, you can always quickly find the right shoes for the chosen dress.

At the same time, keep in mind that before you put your shoes on the shelf, you will always have to wipe them from dirt and dust if you went outside in them.

5. Point of special purpose

Place a floor hanger or clothes hook outside the closet walls.

Here you can collect your washed and ironed clothes on a hanger before returning them to your wardrobe.

In addition, here you will hang the outfit that you are going to wear (for example, for an evening out to the theater or tomorrow for work).

There may also be a blouse that you have already put on once, but which is too early to wash.

Instead of the usual crumpled clothes on the chairs, they will be kept close at hand and in a dignified form.

The cabinet door is rarely used for storing things, but in vain. Even such a seemingly inconvenient place can be organized usefully.

Arrange a storage for accessories on the door (see photo).

For this, a perforated steel sheet is suitable, on which household hooks are freely placed.

Hang whatever you want on these hooks – beads, glasses, handbags, belts, and so on.

The only prerequisite is that things must be flat so that the cabinet can be closed easily.

Stacks of T-shirts and sweaters tend to fall apart when you need to pull out one of the bottom items.

In order not to waste time on constant shifting of clothes, use delimiters between the piles of things.

They will give the shelves of clothes a neat look.

In order to optimize storage, hang items in the closet according to the color principle – from dark to light.

Keeping all the clothes of the same color together will allow you to quickly pick up your outfit.

8. We use every centimeter

Not a single square centimeter of the cabinet should be empty.

Place boxes on the shelves in which you can put things out of season: in winter – swimwear and pareos, in summer – warm sweaters.

Next to the dresses, hang special mobile sections with shelves on the barbell – it is convenient to place any jersey on them, as well as belts, slippers and hats.

At the same time, things that you rarely use should be stored on the upper and lower shelves.

At the level of the eyes and hands – the most popular items of clothing.

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