How to kill cravings for sweets: 7 unexpected products


“Sweets are needed for the brain to work.” This statement is firmly planted in the heads of the sweet tooth, although it has long been refuted by scientists. The brain, however, needs glucose, which is easiest to get from sweets or cake. But glucose is not only sweets, it is found in almost everything we eat. Almost all carbohydrates are converted into glucose: cereals, celery, fish, steak and more. The fact is that our body loves to conserve energy, so it is easier for it to get glucose from fast carbohydrates, and not waste energy on processing complex ones.

The problem of the constant desire to eat dessert is a threat to health. It is necessary to overcome it not only in the name of the figure, but also for the normal functioning of the same brain. Scientists from the University of California have proven in experiments that sweets disrupt the connections between brain cells, slow down the transmission of impulses between them. If you do not fight the craving for cakes, the risk of early development of Alzheimer’s increases. Therefore, it’s time to get rid of this addiction. Fortunately, nature has rewarded us with a lot of useful products that will help in this.

Why you crave sweets and how to get rid of it

To understand how to deal with this scourge, you need to know why sometimes you really want to eat candy, cake or chocolate. Strong cravings for desserts come from low blood glucose levels. As we have already understood, we can get it from anything. And we also know that the body seeks to get it as quickly as possible. For avid sweet tooth, this is similar to drug addiction: when the brain remembers that it gets fast carbohydrates on demand, it requires them. With the rejection of sugar-containing products, the body can “sabotage”, up to nausea and loss of strength. But this can be fixed.

If we want sweets, then we just need energy. In order not to become addicted to food, you need to accustom yourself to the fact that there is energy in the right foods. Over time, replacing the cake with a cereal bar or even a steak, we train the brain to “extract” glucose from complex carbohydrates. The body can also synthesize glucose itself, this is called gluconeogenesis. But why should he synthesize it, if he can just get the Snickers? For overweight people, it is especially useful to force the body to produce energy.

With obesity, the fat reserve is deposited in the liver, and with a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates, the body will process this reserve into energy. In general, you need to kill cravings for sweets for both health and appearance. Now more about the products that will help to do this.


Beans, like many beans, are rich in easily digestible protein. Once in the body, proteins are quickly absorbed and supply energy. In addition, beans contain dietary fiber, which prolongs the feeling of satiety. Thanks to useful minerals and vitamins, this product is considered a worthy replacement for desserts.

I don’t like beans

You can replace it with any beans, chickpeas, peas and lentils are considered especially useful. From them you can cook hearty soups, delicious hummus or other pastes, use them boiled for salads.

Herb tea

You can get rid of cravings for desserts even faster if you drink beans with herbal tea. It is recommended to drink it instead of coffee, soda, packaged juices. We are only talking about herbal tea, since black and especially green tea have caffeine. A natural drink will invigorate or relax, depending on the composition. It also replenishes the lack of moisture in the body and saturates with useful elements. The key factor why it helps in this fight is the psychological technique. Firstly, you need to urgently distract yourself, and secondly, it fills the stomach.

I don’t drink herbal tea

You can replace it with water with cucumber and mint, compote of berries and fruits without sugar, uzvar, natural grape juice.


In 2012, the Mayo Clinic conducted a study that confirmed the conjectures about the benefits of fatty foods. Experiments have shown that fatty foods reduce the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system and serve as a prevention of senile dementia. Also, such a diet has a positive effect on brain function. A small toast with a piece of bacon eliminates the desire to eat a chocolate cake, even if at first you don’t feel like lard at all.

I don’t eat fat

The research results are not only about fat, it can be meat, fish, butter. That is, everything with animal fat. Vegetarians will have to find an alternative among beans and plant foods. To “knock off the edge” it is enough to eat one cutlet, a sandwich, or better – a salad with meat and herbs.


It is also an extremely unexpected product for the fight against sweet addiction. But herring has several advantages: it is fatty, contains protein, and is rich in omega-3s.

This is a very useful product for the body, in addition, it quickly saturates and maintains a feeling of satiety for a long time. When you want a cake, you can eat some herring or other fish.

I don’t like herring

Here you can choose any fish or seafood, almost all of them are rich in useful substances and make up for the lack of energy. Those who are on a diet can pay attention to lean types.


Greens with a characteristic taste and smell are not to everyone’s liking. But those who love celery will get a great helper in the fight against extra pounds and candy addiction. It has a negative calorie content, which means that it takes more energy to digest than celery provides. It quickly saturates thanks to the fibers, therefore it interrupts any hunger. And after eating, you can not worry about your figure.

I don’t eat celery

You can replace it with arugula, spinach and basil salad. Also, juicy vegetables (cabbage, carrots, beets, cucumbers) will saturate and “share” vitamins.


There is a suspicion that some people develop an addiction to sweets from the reproduction of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. These microorganisms are very “loving” sugar and everything that looks like it, as they feed on it and multiply in it. For prevention, it is recommended to take probiotics every day, kefir is considered the best option. It normalizes the balance of microflora and saturates with beneficial bacteria. As a result, the constant desire to treat yourself to desserts disappears, and fermented milk products also serve as a preventive measure against gastrointestinal diseases and candidiasis.

I don’t drink kefir

The best analogue is natural yogurt without additives. You can add fresh berries, dried fruits or pieces of fresh fruit to it yourself. And some like sour milk more, they can also replace kefir.


Replacing chocolate with broccoli is recommended for two reasons. The first is fiber in the composition, it will help to save energy for a long time. The second is the chromium content of broccoli. Chromium stabilizes blood sugar levels, so it helps those with a sweet tooth reconsider their habits. You can eat it in any form, even as part of freshly squeezed juices.

I don’t like broccoli

You can find chromium in mushrooms, natural grape juice, asparagus, cereals and cereals.

Additional rules

If addiction to sweets develops into a problem, it is better to deal with it comprehensively. As a rule, we pay attention to addiction only when we gain weight. Sport in this case is an ideal assistant, physical exercises improve blood circulation, improve mood and speed up brain function. Even better, if you exercise in the fresh air, you can increase the level of oxygen in the blood. Exercise is good discipline and junk food eventually becomes less attractive.

Another recommendation from followers of proper nutrition comes to the rescue: you need to eat separately. When we take long breaks between meals, the energy supply can be greatly reduced during this break. As a result, at the most inopportune moments, we urgently need a donut snack. If you eat little and often, the breaks are reduced, the energy supply is stable, and the glucose level does not decrease.

Another way to forget about sweets once and for all is to overcome yourself. This is not a course for the strong in spirit, absolutely anyone can do this. To develop a new habit, it is enough for 21 days to give up sugar in its pure form and in the composition of products. At first, you should expect a breakdown and mood, during this period you can use the considered products. Over time, cravings for cakes and sweets will decrease more and more.

As you can see, the passion for desserts is not a harmless weakness, but a serious threat to health. It needs to be fought, and now we know how to do it.

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