How to lose weight with strawberries

Are there such people who do not like fragrant, sweet berry of strawberries? Along with the taste, the body gets plenty of vitamins and minerals – vitamin C, pectin, and minerals.

Besides, strawberries have such a feature – they speed up the metabolism. That is why there is quite a popular strawberry diet.

Strawberries belong to light berries; they contain 90 percent water, a small number of fats, and carbohydrates. Strawberries – the source of iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, copper, silicon, folic acid, vitamin C and B5, antioxidants, anthocyanins, anti-cancer components, and has a diuretic effect.

The strawberry diet is effective detoxification, and its weight loss is only a consequence and a nice addition.

When to use the strawberry diet

In the treatment of obesity, problems with defecation, normalization of cholesterol, treat atherosclerosis, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, for preserving hair and slow down graying, for healthy bones, nails and skin, improve liver function, to reduce the formation of salts and kidney stones, and gallstones. Strawberry diet topical for the treatment of mild forms of depression and the nervous system’s health as a therapy to raise the libido and improve sexual life. Strawberries are good to remove toxins and cleanse the bowels from them.

Types of strawberry diet

Mono-diet – when you can only eat strawberry fruit. Such a diet lasts no more than 3 days because the strawberries are not enough for the whole body’s harmonious functioning for a long period.

In this diet, use strawberries or wild strawberries. It is a powerful cleansing therapy that helps prevent metabolic diseases (obesity, high cholesterol, swelling, arthritis, gout, sand, and stones in the gall and kidneys).

Its essence is to use fresh berries during the day instead of the usual meals—limitations in the amount of no.

Strawberries + other products – the diet lasts one week and is complemented by natural products in moderation.

How to lose weight with strawberries

Weekly strawberry diet

It also has high cleansing properties. Unlike mono, the weekly strawberry diet is suitable for solving health problems and targeted weight loss.

Option menu:

  • Fasting lemon water.
  • Breakfast – 200 grams of strawberries, a glass of orange juice with a tablespoon of wheat germ.
  • Second Breakfast — a Cup of any fruit juice.
  • Lunch — 500 or 1000 grams of strawberry yogurt, a slice of wholemeal bread with avocado, tea with honey or brown sugar/ 400 grams of strawberries mixed with yogurt, a slice of wholemeal bread with vegetable pate, herbal tea with honey/ 350 grams of strawberries tofu, a slice of wholemeal bread with tomato and garlic, sweet herbal tea
  • Snack — banana; 200 grams of cherries, apricots, or persimmons; baked Apple.
  • Dinner — 500 grams of strawberries with yogurt, Apple, herbal tea 500 grams of strawberries with yogurt, a baked Apple with a tablespoon of cream, herbal tea.

How to lose weight with strawberries


Strawberry diet is forbidden for Allergy sufferers, people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases with intolerance of salicylic acid. ; strawberriesOxalates cause those who have stones diet banned completely due to its content of oxalic acid.

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