“I didn’t understand that I was pregnant until I gave birth in a chair by the dentist.”

Instead of midwives, there were police officers during childbirth, and the dental clinic presented the young mother with a giant bill for cleaning the office as a gift.

How, well, how can you not notice that you are pregnant, especially if you already have children and you know what to expect? Indeed, even before the test shows two strips, the first symptoms are already felt: fatigue, and tension in the chest, and general malaise. Menstruation disappears, in the end, and the stomach and chest grow by leaps and bounds. It turns out that you can easily overlook, and you do not need to have excess weight for this, which can be attributed to a growing belly.

Day 23-year-old Jessica began as usual: she got up, cooked breakfast for her son and took him to the kindergarten. The boy waved her hand, and Jessica got ready to go back home. And suddenly a terrible pain twisted her, so strong that she could not even take a step.

“I thought it hurts because I slipped, fell and hurt myself badly the day before. The pain just paralyzed me, ”says Jessica.

A policeman who saw the young woman came to the rescue: he realized that she could hardly stand on her feet from pain. Of the medical institutions nearby, there was only dentistry. The policeman took the girl there to wait for the ambulance to arrive. As soon as she was seated in a chair, Jessica … gave birth. From the moment she crossed the threshold of the clinic, literally a few minutes passed until the baby was born.

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“I was shocked. Everything happened so quickly … And nothing foreshadowed! – Jessica is surprised. “As usual, I had my period, I didn’t have a stomach, I felt as usual.”

The police were no less shocked. The girl did not at all look like a pregnant woman, she did not even have a hint of a belly.

“I barely had time to put on my gloves to catch the child,” said 39-year-old officer Van Duuren.

Jessica’s sons – Dilano the elder and Herman the younger

But it was too early to exhale: during a hasty delivery, the umbilical cord broke, and the baby did not scream, did not move and, it seems, did not breathe. Fortunately, the policeman was not taken aback: he began to massage the fragile body of the child, and he was a miracle! – took the first breath and cried. It seems to have been the most enjoyable baby cry in the world.

The ambulance arrived only a few minutes later. Mom and baby were taken to the hospital. As it turned out, baby Herman – that was the name of the baby – was born 10 weeks ahead of schedule. The boy’s respiratory system was not yet ready for independent work, he had a collapse of the lung. Therefore, the baby was placed in an incubator. A few weeks later, everything was already in order with him, and Herman went home to his family.

But the surprises were not over yet. Jessica received a giant bill from dentistry, in which she had to give birth. The cover letter said that the room was so dirty after that that the clinic had to call a specialized cleaning service. Now Jessica had to pay 212 euros – about 19 thousand in rubles. The insurance company refused to cover these costs. As a result, Jessica was rescued by the police again: the same guys who took over from her, organized a fundraiser in favor of the young mother.

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“They saved me twice,” laughs Jessica.

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