Is it possible to reheat jellied meat

Is it possible to reheat jellied meat

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Well-known reasons why the question of heating jellied meat arises, 3: either you left unassembled jellied meat in the refrigerator and it froze right in the pan, or you cooked a lot of jellied meat and now want to make soup based on it, or you need to pour the jellied meat from one form into two. In any case, if necessary, the jellied meat can be reheated without any consequences – after heating it will harden in the refrigerator in the same way as before.

If the jellied meat is not disassembled, take your time – just put the pan next to the battery for 15 minutes, and then on the quietest fire. It is important that the meat that has settled to the bottom under the weight of the upper layers does not burn to the bottom of the pan.

If you are tired of the jellied meat itself, you can cook soup from it. Or melt, drain the broth (you can freeze it for later), and fry pasta from strained meat in a navy way. These recipes, which are not obvious to culinary beginners, are used by people with experience, because everyone knows that it is pointless to cook a little jellied meat.

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