Mom wanted her son to lose weight – and the neighbors called the police

Fast food, chips and other junk food is a real problem for mothers. To accustom the child to healthy food, when there are so many temptations around … The most to resist. A resident of the German town of Aachen struggled with the excess weight of her teenage son as best she could. But how can you keep track of him? How do you limit? After all, you can’t hang the lock on the refrigerator … Or will you hang it?

Okay, not a castle. You can eat during the day. We will only punish, pardon the slang, night dojoor. Therefore, the resourceful mother put on the refrigerator … an alarm! My God, this is a fiction! Alarm, Karl! Why didn’t my mom think of doing this? You look, I would not have struggled with food incontinence and a thick booty for 30 years. Sorry, I got distracted.

So, the refrigerator turned out to be equipped with an alarm that was turned on in the evening, so that the glutton was not good at climbing there at night. And then one day a neighbor saw that several teenagers were climbing over the fence, rushing to this house, the lights in the kitchen turned on, and – all right – the alarm went off.

The man called the police. They’re children, you say? But no, in Germany you can’t get through anyone. Juvenile offenders must be punished. The police have arrived. On the spot, it has already become clear that no crime, except for banal disobedience, has happened. The law enforcement officers did not present anything even for a false call – a fit of laughter became compensation when they found out what was the matter. Incidentally, they also appreciated my mother’s ingenuity. True, her son, apparently, is still not destiny to lose weight.

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