Previously, cases of poliomyelitis caused by polioviruses were quite common and caused serious concern among parents of children. Today, medicine has an effective vaccine against the above-mentioned disease. That is why in central Russia the number of polio cases has sharply decreased. However, it appears possible to contract polio when traveling long distances.

Course of the disease

The initial stage of the disease can be confused with the influenza virus. After a short-term improvement in the condition, the temperature rises to 39 degrees. The disease is accompanied by headaches and muscle pain. Paralysis with accompanying muscle flaccidity may also develop. Very often the consequences of the disease are irreversible.

When to call a doctor

Immediately as soon as you suspect the development of symptoms of the disease, namely headaches, the “crooked neck” effect or paralysis.

Doctor’s help

The virus can be detected through a stool test or laryngeal swab. Poliomyelitis cannot be treated with medication. In case of complications, resuscitation of the child is necessary. About 15 years ago, the popular polio vaccine was an oral vaccine containing attenuated polioviruses. Today, vaccination is carried out by introducing an inactivated (not live) virus intramuscularly, which, in turn, avoids a rare complication – polio caused by the vaccine.

The incubation period is from 1 to 4 weeks.

High contagiousness.

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