We wash off the makeup correctly

Each lovely lady pays special attention, oddly enough, to the eyes. After all, as you know, when talking, men have to at least sometimes, but look into them. Well-chosen makeup helps to establish not only personal, but also business relationships. However, to make your eyes look healthy, beautiful, without wrinkles, not only under a thick layer of cosmetics, you need to thoroughly wash off the paint before going to bed. You can not start removing makeup without knowing some of the rules. Many people do not know that the skin of the eyelids is so sensitive and delicate that it can be easily damaged. Many cosmetologists claim that the skin of the eyelids ages very quickly, loses its elasticity and firmness and can add us a few “extra” years. You need to very carefully wash off the makeup from the eyes, so that the skin of the eyelids is as taut as before.

Before you buy a makeup remover, remember that the usual tool is not suitable here. In a special eye product, the pH level is close to that of a tear, so it does not irritate the skin. As you know, the skin around the eyes and eyelids is drier than the skin of the face. Therefore, use a cream or milk to remove makeup. If you have oily skin, then use a foam or gel to remove makeup. For sensitive skin, you need to select the product carefully, studying its composition. When choosing a wash of cosmetics from the eyes, you can not save money, you need to buy only tested and approved by doctors.

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Washing off makeup is not so difficult. It is enough to moisten a cotton pad with a demakiyazh product and gently wipe the cosmetics. To completely get rid of makeup on the eyes, it is enough to apply a cotton pad to the lashes, hold for about 15 seconds and wash off the remnants. This should be done slowly and carefully. To remove makeup at the corners of the eyes, use cotton swabs to avoid stretching the skin.

To remove the remaining mascara from the lashes, it is enough to put one moistened cotton pad on the lower eyelid, and hold the second disc over the lashes.

Powder, blush and lipstick wash off with gel, if you have oily skin and foam, if dry. After that, you need to wash your face with warm water. For waterproof mascara and lipstick, only a special tool is suitable. A very good tool – tonic, it not only cleanses from the remnants of makeup, but also tones the skin.

When removing makeup, do not use too cold or hot water. It is recommended to use mineral water or a prepared decoction of chamomile or green tea. It is strictly forbidden to wash off makeup with soapy water. You can also not rub the product into the skin.

After removing the makeup, you need to wash off the remnants of the wash. For this purpose, a tonic or lotion is ideal. To avoid irritation and redness of the skin around the eyes, apply an ice cube from a decoction of chamomile or another medicinal plant, and then apply a night nourishing cream.

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If you do not use cosmetics, then you still need to clean the skin from dust, dirt and skin secretions. A number of requirements were drawn up for all quality foods. They should clean the skin well, do not cause allergic reactions and redness, the components of these foods should be mild.

Now we want to tell you about the most popular means for demakiyazh. One of them is milk. It cleanses our skin much faster and better than foams, gels and mousses. This remedy consists of a large amount of fat, such as vegetable oil. That is why it removes even the most persistent and high-quality cosmetics. In addition to vegetable oil, it contains a lot of nutrients and moisturizers. After using it, it is not necessary to wash with warm water. The milk is only suitable for normal and dry skin, and other foods are intended for oily skin. To understand whether this tool is suitable for you, it is enough to remove their makeup, if after that you do not have a feeling of stickiness, then this tool is suitable for you.

For oily skin, such a wash is intended as an emulsion. It is somewhat similar to milk, but has a very different component composition – it has less fat. It also contains a variety of antibacterial extracts of medicinal plants.

For fading skin, it is best to use cream. They include fats, as well as natural waxes. That is why they are good at cleansing even the most delicate and sensitive skin. When choosing them, pay special attention to those that contain azulene. This component soothes and regenerates the skin well.

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Take care of your skin, and you won’t need any cosmetics to catch the crowds of curious fans.

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