Vegetarianism invented the world government to reduce the population

Yes, yes, what did you think? What thoughts can come to a brain that is attacked by toxins that are formed due to the putrefactive processes of meat in the body? Manifesting symptoms of paranoia, neglected neuroses and other disorders of the nervous system are aggravated by eating meat and can even provoke them. Hence the crazy ideas. 

Well, let’s say that there really is a “world government”, and it is interested in reducing the population of the Earth. It is logical to assume that it is easier to push people to do what is easier, what does not require any moral qualities. And this is the path of destruction through demoralization and harmful products. If you are a meat eater and you can overcome your fear of “die of hunger” in order to spend at least six months without eating meat products, then you will notice a number of very positive changes in your well-being, in relation to yourself and the world around you. 

The very realization that your food did not suffer, poisoning itself with stress hormones, that it will not only strengthen the immune system, but also physical and mental strength, has a good effect on the quality of life in general. And there are so many advantages of vegetarianism that it is better to try it yourself. 

Try and understand: if the world government decided to reduce the population by promoting vegetarianism, then: – either the people in it are immensely stupid; – either it means the reduction of degrading people who prevent humanity from moving to a new level of development; – or so they say … well … in a word, meat-eaters.

The topic of world government excites the minds of many people. However, we all need to know: if we have our own, wise “government” in our head, which is guided by the most humane and ethical laws, then no world government will take away your achievements. It is clear that the path of self-improvement cannot be absolutely smooth, and there are stumbling blocks along it. But this is not a reason to give up efforts to become better, to become happier.

But the consumer attitude to the resources of nature, ignoring the laws of morality and ethics is quite suitable for the definition of “weapons of mass destruction.” This defeat begins there, in consciousness, when he is blinded by greed, malice, envy and other vices. It is easiest to convince such a consciousness that vegetarianism was invented for destruction, as if meat-eating establishes peace and helps to increase the birth rate of healthy offspring. 

If there is a special plan for the destruction of people without firearms and nuclear weapons, then its basis is the degradation of consciousness. And since meat hinders personal growth, then – “eat slaughter to share its fate!”. 

PS If all of the above did little to convince you that vegetarianism is a necessary condition for the development of mankind, then let the reason for the emergence of a new virus: nCoV make you think. It damages the body at the cellular level, it was recognized as the biggest danger to people today. This coronavirus previously only affected bats. Then, apparently, African cats were infected with it from bats. And cats, in turn, are bred for … the perfume industry! We hope everyone will make an obvious conclusion: you can’t just mock nature under the guise of providing yourself with food, aromas and fur. The reaction of nature is tough, but fair!

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