Lettuce leaves: 3 secrets to prolong their freshness


Lettuce leaves are very tender and wither quickly if not given proper attention. What will help to maximize their freshness period?

Correct drying

If you are in the habit of washing the salad immediately after purchase, be sure to dry it before storing. During washing and drying, try not to squeeze or injure the lettuce leaves, otherwise they will turn black and wither.

The procedure is as follows: shake off the damp leaves, put them in a sieve to drain the water, and then lay them out on a napkin or towel. Place the clean salad in a container with a lid, put a paper towel under the lid so that it absorbs excess moisture. Alternatively, simply wrap it in a cotton towel and place it on the shelf with the vegetables.


Good packaging – cardboard and film

If you prefer to wash the salad just before cooking, then for storage, lay the unwashed leaves loosely on cardboard and cover with cling film on top. Store them on the lowest shelf of your refrigerator.


Lettuce loves water

Therefore, another great way to keep it fresh is to place the salad in a bowl of water. Cut the cuttings by 2-3 mm, do not wrap the upper part tightly with cling film, and lower the lower part in a shallow bowl of water. Put it in the refrigerator.

It is important to know:

  • Tear off lettuce leaves when cooking by hand, it is believed that after contact with metal, the salad will quickly wither.
  • It is impossible to freeze lettuce leaves for long-term storage, they contain a lot of moisture and after defrosting will be lethargic and tasteless.
  • You can lightly blanch lettuce leaves and beat them with a blender in mashed potatoes, freeze in small pieces, and in winter make sauces from this puree or add to soup.

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